Is your young athlete ready to step up his/her off-season training this year? Elite Training and Fitness is the only facility around around Bonney Lake that focuses on improving athletic performance for any sport.

For ages 12 and up, we offer training that's specific to the goals your child has for his/her sports, or just general activity.

We have a highly experienced trainer who's been focused on youth training for 10 years. He is there to walk through every step of training with your child, regardless of athletic level. If you want a heads up on the competition, our training will:

  • Teach proper lifting mechanics.
  • Strengthen bones and muscles.
  • Prevent future injuries.
  • Improve child's performance.
  • Improve child's self-confidence.
  • Teach how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Most young athletes only do the bare minimum when it comes to training. That is, going to practice, playing in games, and maybe the occasional team workout in the off-season. If you're young athlete wants to take it to the next level, he/she will have to do something beyond the basics that everyone else is doing. Elite Training and Fitness is what will separate your athlete from the rest, and help them get to the next level.

Here is a video testimonial of one of our long time high school athletes:

Types of Training

Strength training will incorporate weightlifting focused on functional exercises and also muscle targeting exercises. Depending on the sport, we put a major focus on certain muscles for each workout. A soccer player will need to focus on a majority leg exercises, while a football player will focus on legs and upper body exercises.

SEAS training stands for Speed Endurance Agility and Stamina. Here is a major focus on quick feet drills, sprinting drills, endurance drills, and plyometrics. This is where your athlete will get more of his/her sport specific drills.

You and your athlete decide which type of training works best for him/her. Eventually, he/she will get to the point where they'll need both. This is when we will create them custom workouts, that they will be able to do on their own, or with teammates, but still have the supervision of our head trainer.


Whichever type of training that your athlete needs, they can come in and do their workout anytime between 2:15pm and 5:30pm.

Make sure they have a goal in mind! This will dictate the type of workout that is given to them.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us!