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What is Elite Training and Fitness?

You’ve finally decided that you need to make a change when it comes to your health. This sudden urge could have come for many reasons. Maybe these ring a bell:

  • It’s the new year and I need to improve my health and/or lose weight.
  • I wanna look good for my significant other.
  • I wanna look good in the mirror.
  • My doctor says I’m unhealthy and need to make a change.
  • My current workouts just aren’t doing it for me anymore.
  • I lack energy all the time, I know it has to do with my health, and I need to make a change.

Now it’s time to figure out how to make this change. Do you join a gym and start working out? Or maybe start making healthier food choices?

If you join a gym, then it’s figuring out what workout to do. Should you be doing some strength training? If so, what exercises? Maybe cardio? For how long?

How about which diet you should be doing? There are over tens of thousands of diet books out there, each one claiming it’s the right way to go.

That’s a lot to take in! If you really want to get the results you desire, it’s gonna take time, effort, and a lot of research.

As you can see, it’s easy to understand why people choose to get a personal trainer! They already have all the answers to all of those questions. You literally just need to have the desire to get healthier or lose weight (probably both), call a trainer, schedule your appointments, then you’re well on your way!

But you’ve seen the prices for personal training. $50 – $70 an hour?! That’s a minimum of $400 per month for only 2 workouts a week! I’m all for “you can’t put a price on your health” but let’s get real here!

It’s for this reason, Elite Training and Fitness exists.

We understand that you don’t have the time to research how to get healthy, or how to lose weight. We also understand that you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars a month to get results!

At Elite T&F, we offer group workouts that are as good, if not better, than a personal training session. When you’re working out with a group, sometimes it’s easier to get motivated and push yourself a little harder compared to when it’s just you and a trainer.

Elite Training and Fitness, Bonney Lake, WA


Each 60 min class (30 min for beginners) consists of six separate circuits, each lasting 6 – 8 min.

Half of the circuits use slow and controlled weightlifting. Technique and form is heavily focused here. These are the circuits that are going to help build and tone muscle. We use a combination of barbells, dumbbells, cable machines, body weight, the list goes on!

The other half of the circuits use a quicker paced format. These are the cardio circuits. Here we have more full body movements, both weighted and non-weighted. While technique is still heavily stressed, these circuits are more focused for speed and to get your heart rate up! These circuits make a huge difference in your health and are much more likely to help you burn fat.

If your goal is to live a healthier life and burn fat in the process, what I described is similar to what a personal training session would look like. They put a major focus on strength with weightlifting movements, then a major focus on burning calories with high intensity cardio. At Elite T&F we mix these concepts up to constantly keep your body guessing, and also to keep it fun and exciting.



There are over thousands of diets out there. Ever wonder why no one has figured out the right diet? It’s because everyone is different.

While some may do good on the South Beach diet, others may do good on the Zone diet, and for some, neither seems to work! At Elite T&F we understand this. We know that everyone will need a diet that is customized to them.

But one thing we do believe is true: is that weight gain and metabolic diseases are caused by hormonal issues. And bad nutrition is the major culprit that causes these issues, aside with stress and lack of exercise.

It is our entire goal at to help keep your hormones in the proper balance. That is why we offer nutrition plans in addition to our gym memberships. We aren’t here to help you only part of the way, we’re here to help you the entire way!


We are not…

We get a lot of questions about what Elite Training and Fitness is and it’s hard to pinpoint in just a few sentences! But we also get a lot of people assuming what we are. So here is what we are not:

We are not Crossfit. Crossfit focuses on “functionality”. Consists of a lot of full-body exercises, usually done at a fast pace. Great for the super competitive type. At Elite T&F we do some of these functional exercises but at a much more controlled pace, and not any too advanced ones. Our goal is to improve your overall health.

We are not your typical group fitness studio class. These are the classes that are done in a studio with an instructor up front, usually having you copy what he/she is doing (think Spin, Zumba, step aerobics, etc.). We have multiple circuits going at once, all focused on different exercises. A trainer (or two) will always be walking around to make sure you’re lifting properly and getting the most out of every repetition you do.

We are not your typical bootcamp workout. Most fitness bootcamps do full-body workouts everyday. Their focus is usually to burn calories without doing the long boring steady state cardio. With our workouts, we target specific muscle groups each day and add extra cardio on top of that. We want you to have the opportunity to come every day if you want! So if your legs are sore after Monday’s workout, you can still come to Tuesday’s because it’ll be focused on Back/Biceps, or Chest/Triceps.

We are not a powerlifting or olympic weight lifting gym. Powerlifting consists of squatting, benching, and deadlifting; Olympic weight lifting is focused on advanced barbell movements like the clean and jerk and the snatch. All workouts they do are focused on increasing their power for those main lifts. We still do squats, bench, and deadlifts because the health benefits of these lifts are well proven in the exercise science community. But we never will have you attempting a 1 rep max or going super heavy (unless you want to!).


Come try us out!

We hope we answered some questions you may have had about Elite Training and Fitness! Be sure to check out the rest of our website for more information about memberships and pricing.

Feel free to come in and try your first workout for free!

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Committed to your health,

The Elite Training and Fitness Team

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