We create the workouts, YOU GET THE RESULTS.

We offer group fitness classes and individual workouts that focus on weight loss and improving overall health.

  • Weightlifting

    Tone your muscles* and boost your metabolism with our weightlifting circuits. Each class consists of slow and controlled, muscle-focused exercises.

  • High Intensity Cardio

    Each class also consists of multiple, short lasting cardio circuits. These get your heart pumping and help you burn calories not only during, but after the class is over.

  • Muscle Confusion

    Every day focuses on a new muscle group and no workout is ever the same. This keeps your body guessing to make sure you never hit a plateau.

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Elite T&F is a results-driven gym. Each workout is dedicated for maximum fat burning and muscle toning potential. All while keeping a fun and non-intimidating atmosphere.

A combination of weightlifting movements (to target specific muscles) and cardio circuits (to target fat) are packed into every 1 hour workout. Each day targets different muscle groups, allowing you to come every day of the week. Because while one muscle is sore, there's another that is waiting to be used!

Our classes are done at YOUR level. It doesn't matter if you've never worked out before, or have your entire life. You do what you can. Our trainers will always give alternative exercises if need be.

Our trainers have years of experience. Upon joining Elite T&F, you'll have their full support. Whether it be exercise programs or nutrition, we have the answers!

The Benefits we offer:

  • Nutrition Plans

    Nutrition is the root cause of being out of shape and overweight. At Elite T&F we offer pre-made nutrition plans based on different goals*. Adding a nutrition plan to your new exercise regimen is basically guaranteeing results.

  • Custom Workout Plans

    Maybe you’re training for a half-marathon? Maybe training for a bodybuilding competition? Or maybe you’re just trying to get your first push-up? Whatever your goal may be, we can create a custom workout to get you there.

  • 24-hour Gym Access

    Our new location now has 24-hour access! This allows no excuses for not working out. We will have our workouts (very similar to class) posted on the board so you’re more than welcome to come in by yourself and get the job done!

  • Child Care

    A majority of our clients are parents! And it’s our goal to make coming to our classes as easy as possible. So don’t miss out on the workout just because you have to wait for your spouse to get home, bring your toddler in! We have a separate room with a staff member to watch them.



It's a well known fact that Personal Training is the best way to get the results you desire. But most gyms are selling 1-hour sessions for $70! Imagine paying that three times a week for months and you could be spending thousands!

Don't throw your money away-come to Elite T&F where the classes are designed, to feel like a personal training session, but obviously without the mind blowing costs.

A good personal trainer will always take you through slow and controlled weight lifting movements to help strengthen and tone your muscles. But most importantly, to keep your form right to ensure you're targeting the correct muscle and avoiding injury. Our classes contain exactly these movements and your instructor (a highly experienced personal trainer) is there to make sure you're pushing yourself and keeping good technique.

Also, Elite T&F offers assistance to help you choose a fitness or physique goal, and help you achieve it. Most gyms don't offer this 1-on-1 assistance without you paying additional fees.

We understand that everyone has some type of goal, but they don't want to spend a lot of money to get there. So come on and try Elite T&F out and discover a fun and affordable way to get the results you want.

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